Would the world be better off without religion?

Of Murky religious freaks and confused agnostics, this are some of my personal thoughts based on religion; 

One Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch imagined a world with no religion in his iconic painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights," a splendid art I might add.

One of the paintings presents a hellscape; a world in which humankind has succumbed to the temptations of evil and is reaping eternal damnation.

Historians frequently interpret the painting as a didactic warning on the perils of life's temptations; a world with no religion.

Now lets put things into perspective

Why should your convictions and religious disposition be based on egocentric desires, selfish belief and unwavering opinions based on your own assumptions? (Atheism)

And Why should we live by someone’s believes, desires or rules… is it because they are intelligent or they own us in one way or the other? Are we merely puppets on a lose string? (Religion)

Atheism is a growing phenomenon in Africa, if I can call it that, because creating a different belief is a big ring of revolution altogether I mean take a look at the two biggest religion in the region; ever since Christianity and Islam swarm across Africa it has proven to be one big mutiny.

To get a clear understanding of religion, atheism and agnostics, we first hit the dictionary and look them up; agnosticism addresses knowledge; atheism addresses belief.

The agnostic says, “I don't have a knowledge that God exists.” The atheist says, “I don't have a belief that God exists.” You can say both things at the same time. Some agnostics are atheistic and some are theistic.

Religion however is basing belief on existence of a supernatural being (a god).
Agnostics believe in a god but would find religion to be obscure, insignificant and meaningless to interpret the creator.

I am trying as much as possible to be open minded about this, but judging from my upbringing which has been influenced by Christianity I am sure 60 % of it will be all Jesus. But like I said I’ll try.

But first let’s remove the notion of a society based or guided by religion, what comes to your mind is totally right; wrath, lawlessness, corruption and all manner of a rotten social norm; genocide, thievery, destruction and what of you.

This can stem from several reasons one major big one is lawlessness; rules are not applied because as an atheist everyone acts according to their intuition and belief system.

On the upside you are entitled to freedom which a lot of people find interesting no one is there to push you around.

Decisions will be made easily one can never base their arguments on religious ground.

But while at the same time Immorality which comes with freedom from no rules plumbs lawlessness, people tend to over stretch their desires and end up involved in big humanity crimes; cannibalism quickly comes to mind, I really don’t know.

I’m sure some people out there will say that we can be moral without religion because the society had morality long before the current religions came along. But that cannot be true, you see  we’ve never really tried, there is no human society where religion is totally absent so we really have never tried this one out, so yea, my point still stands.

 Religion well, not sure I should be general about this but… as much as you were raised a Christian, Islamist, Hindu, Buddhist,  and all those other religious convictions that upholds moral standards of decency, I suggest you should just stand your lane.

So, the world would be better off with religion. 

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