The final leap

She had contemplated whether to keep or dispose of him... 
Her Cell phone would ring but will remain ignored or sent to voicemail.
"George doesn’t' know when to stop." she cried out to her roommates
They would try to convince her to save him the trouble but she could hear none of that.
"I want to know how long he can hold and insist on" she reiterated

Brianna and George had hit it off for 3 years now and she knew him well, his every desire, his weakness and what made him tick and how she could manipulate him into doing whatever she wanted.
Her desires were utterly outrageous. George knew that too. However his love knew no bounds, she was everything to him.

Brianna had discovered his breaking point and how easily George can be swayed . 
So she was in for the killing.
She loved him no doubt, but she liked making fun of him at her disposal, whatever she needed she will utilize her psychological prowess on her favorite lab rat.
She would give him the silent treatment just for the sake of it... Just provoking him at own will.

She usually planned her tact well on how to leech him on cash considering that she had just joined college and was running low on cash.
George has done nothing but always remained true to her and was nice to her, and so was his downfall.
It’s been almost a week and she wouldn’t want to pick his call

Being taken for granted was definitely not out of question.
Why is she doing this to me?
What have I done to her to deserve this?
He always asked himself such but he wouldn’t know.

“She’l snap out of it eventually”  George told his peers.
‘Every time she acted that oddly she will finally come back running to my arms... ‘
He tried to convince himself. But he knew this time was way worse.

George was fascinated by her mind.. He fully knows that this isn’t the first time she acted out of repulsion.  How she would change in an instant from that sweet charming Brianna she once knew to a total vile lady.
 She would transform completely, like she had just lost her consciousness.. entombing all the happy memories they once shared rendering him a stranger to her.

Banking on the hopes of her snapping to her old self again, George turned to alcohol.. made it his solace and drunk his sorrows off.
She acted out of malice, he knew that but he knew he had lost her for good.
Now it was time to move on, he took his final breath and a final leap. 

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