Gender Equality

While the world is still miles away from conferring women the treatment they so much deserve, it is also important to note the commendable milestones achieved thus far with regard to women. Gone are the days women were looked down upon and viewed as incompetent.

It is a huge step, indeed. This was not achieved overnight, of course. Just like any other cause, millions of brave men and women fought and sacrificed themselves in order that women everywhere achieve the recognition that should be accorded to them. It must have been difficult, going against the pre-established notions and practices.

We have all been brought up in a misogynistic culture. The woman has again and again endured untold suffering at the hand of a man. While there are men who respect and embrace womanhood, most still frowning at the mere thought of women. It does not matter where one hails from , the experiences of women are the same. It is saddening to see women go through so many forms of abuse and violence in an age where all this should be long past us. The masses are more educated and aware of women's rights and struggles now more than ever yet change seems to be too gradual.
 It is sickening to see men who should be standing up for women be the very perpetrators of crimes against them. Cases of domestic violence, sexual assault and other violence against women continue to prevail.
It is always the woman's job to perform all the house chores.
Being the noble boy, the pride of every father I didn’t quit experience this side of life, growing up I could see how much women did and how under appreciated they have always been.
Women at younger age have been accustomed to being locked out of the competitive world, viewed as the weaker sex. It was prevalent in every household to find young female teenagers or young adult accustomed to stay at home and probably have to help around the house. Not only is it physically and mentally excruciating, it is also demeaning to women.
They have been poisoned by the notion that they have to do it because of the simple fact that they are women, like it is some form of punishment those of the male gender should not go through since they are so special and should be revered. That is a highly mind-blowing experience that is still habitual in every house hold out there and people fail to see it that way.
Women do so much with a lot of a grace and aptitude, never complaining, always happy to serve and change society, yet the male-oriented world we still live in chooses to ignore such facts and accomplishments.
Life is even harder for women in the developing world. Being from sub-Saharan Africa, every waking day is a revelation of just how much more needs to be done.
Insufficient social amenities are rampant especially in the rural areas, and it is the woman in the family who has to make sure these amenities are availed.

And who can even forget how smart and brilliant women are. Problem solvers by nature, women have made a lot of impact and fundamental changes. After being sidelined for centuries, it is encouraging to see women at the forefront, fighting for equal and/or better opportunities than men, rather than have opportunities handed to them just because they are women, a 'minority' that's been overlooked and deserves handouts out of sheer pity, or out of men's desire to somehow exonerate themselves.
 It isn't a competition, clearly, but when your voices and roles are downplayed for so long, you have to get proactive. Women are now the ones initiating change. Politics, science and technology, entertainment, education... and the so many fields’ women are now excelling in.
While not all women may get the recognition they should like the Maya Angelous and Oprah Winfreys, it is so inspirational that they nevertheless, fight on for the generations to come and for the far much larger dream that such depravity becomes mere history and only a reminder of the lengths women have
gone to achieve the new-found rights and freedom.
Feminist groups have started cropping up championing for equal rights.  I advocate for equality.
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