Growing up as boy in the past was greeted with praise and jubilation a son was considered of a greater value, with the new age things have turned differently with the growth of Feminism, women`s liberation and movement for women's right, the male counterpart has become endengered.
By nature, religion and societal values men are expected  to be the head, they should be respected and looked up upon.

The girl child may very well be favoured and given all that attention  but at the same time, the boy is threatened, heres why;
Studies show that a male to be born chances are low (take a wild guess) ratio of men to women, as the boy grows antibodies found in their blood cells are surprisingly low compared to the female and pose a high chances of health problems, in almost all cultures all over the world  boys and men are not expected to cry, even if they are hurt, because it is thought that crying make them look weak, they shouldn`t be emotionaly attached or show concessions of emotions, well I may nopt know any science but I think tears are poison if accumulated in the body and that ain`t healthy.
Men are expected to be strong, aggressive, emotionless, tough, fearless and practical and shouldn`t be submissive or faint-hearted. We get them as we grow up, male gender roles are not ordained by nature but are artificially determined by society, this roles by restricting human nature harm men in a number of ways.
 Feminism may seek justice for women and end of sexism in all forms but to me Women don’t need feminism because they have all of the opportunities and choices in the world, and they are  still called oppressed. 
-because I know how evil people can be it doesn’t pick gender or race or religion an evil person is not always an evil man. To imply such things shows us just how ignorant people are, because it was ONE man who raped you, not the entire gender.
 - because I am a Christian, and I believe that we should value all children of God, not just the female or the male ones. Supporting any movement that excludes on the basis of gender goes against a spirit of true tolerance that can only be reached through a valuing of all people as equal in God’s eyes
- because blaming others for my own problems and insecurities is an insult to my ability to take responsibility for my own actions
- because it demonizes traditional family constructs and therefore insults my family, because it portraits my father as ‘abuser’
-  because I can’t say a word about female abusers without feminists telling me women can’t possibly be abusers.
- because I don’t need to be told that the man I saw being publicly beaten by her girlfriend wasn’t a victim of domestic violence,
-that my aunt from Nyeri permanently disfiguring her ex by splashing boiling water on him wasn’t abuse, and feminists still make this isn’t a female victim-male perpetrator issue
- that my female teacher violating me wasn’t abuse, that being a woman negates all responsibility of abuse
- because like communism feminism is better in theory than practice
- because when my friend a week ago passed out at a party and woke up with some girl that he didn’t know grinding on him, everyone at the party thought it was funny. If you were to reverse the situation and have the girl being creeped on /molested by some guy, the majority of people would flip out
- because it teaches women to distrust all men and be disloyal to male friends.. had this friend once I disagreed with her about some typical issue we argued about when i raised my own opinion, I was called ignorant and a rape apologist and i lost that friend
Think my fingers are aching.. lastly i think the above opinion is reserved to my own thinking, am free to do anything .. feminists coined with “they will do nothing but harm and use you/ will cheat and want only sex” they like to see women as a “minority,” when in reality, there are more women than men. Look it up.
Feminists like to claim that there aren’t enough women in male-dominant fields. It’s not the men’s fault it’s that way. It’s because women aren’t trying to get into those fields in a society where women are free to do anything within reason
 If feminism is for everyone, then dont assume everyone who is anti feminist is a misogynist. You are proving OUR point when you do that
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