The A.U Is Wrong

Many in Africa may not know this but the African Union has a court that is supposed to “censure protection of human and people’s rights in Africa”. The court is as useless as most local courts. In fact very few educated or informed Africans even know about the existence of this court let alone those in villages.

If the A.U gets its way to defer the cases to Africa in the local courts and eventually terminate the ICC cases facing Kenya`s suspected instigators or supporters of the violence 2007/8 or even worse removing Africa from the Rome statute and eventually shut down the ICC case facing the three; where are we the victims go for justice? Yes the case may very well suit the president and the two but why are we forgetting the victims here...

I don’t believe the A.U for any instance are going to be able to handle the case considering that those leaders in question play a big role to the A.U. why doesn`t the A.U for once serve the people and not the leaders and advertise an African-based court with actual teeth, as they so claim?
Prosecuting the cases in Africa is hypocritical; there is no way a leader in their homeland is ever going to get a fair trial let alone to be tried in the first place. Impunity always fights back, the A.U to me is just a combination of greedy and hypocritical bunch of leaders. For instance Paul Kagame, his country Rwanda is famous for the genocide incident, Museveni who is  not even fair to his country who continue to suffer the misery of Joseph kony not to mention Idi Amin, because their cases remains unsolved they should the last leaders to criticize the International Court.
Even the Kenyan MP`s are constantly seen driving the motion to disband the cases, at the end of the day it`s not the leaders, the MP`s or the A.U who end up suffering, it`s the victims, thousands who have lost their families, millions displaced and the rest if not psychologically disturbed are injured from the gruesome incident when the leaders are busy chanting their way out of the criminal act. It`s like they loot and destroy from the public and if the people get in their way, they don`t hesitate to maim, rape and kill.
I don’t support the AU in any way whatsoever; unless of course they start from the most wanted leader fugitive from Sudan Al Bashkir but I don’t think so. And if indeed the AU are so much interested into becoming a sovereign state, then they should start taking responsibility of their actions, Africa has the qualities to make it the richest place on earth considering that they have the adequate resources, but we remain poor because of bad leadership, greed and corruption.
I think it’s better that African leaders should rule knowing there is a higher court away from our local courts with power greater than theirs, that can prosecute them; funny how Kenyans forget so easily how lives were lost and the likelihood of the people who were behind the brutal attack are the ones in the forefront highlighting the need for justice; i don’t know if they are taking us for fools or we are just downright naive to easily give in to their soft spot.
If need be i would drag the president or the deputy himself to the ICC court to clear their name if indeed they didn’t commit the said atrocities, but i got a hunch the AU won’t let me.
None of my families lost their lives or were displaced, but i know of a few who did, and it pains. A lady somewhere was raped, now has a child due to that brutality, she doesn’t know whether to kill this child... I don’t think so and she doesn’t think so either, that`s because she is a human, unlike her attackers, tribalists, sycophants and to top the list the AU who are working so hard for people to forget that this thing and move on. The AU is wrong.

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