Justice denied

I really admire how toddlers try as much as possible to walk, avoiding all sorts of obstacles and knocking things unintentionally and the country is no different how so you might ask.

Recently in the country in every single newspaper you will come across in Kenya today will find a highly convoluted recounting of witness testimony from the ICC trials.The only difference is I don’t admire how the proceedings are undertaken. It is now official that the trial for President Uhuru Kenyatta has been postponed from Nov. 12 to Feb 5, 2014. Already we have seen how disruptive how it is going to be after the A.U wanted the cases to be differed to Africa, how do toddlers come into place you might ask.. firstly it`s saddening how Kenyans forget so easily, 2007/8 post election violence for a short insane period, people maliciously torched houses, maimed and killed for political reasons, and the worst part of the incident that happened 5 years ago is that they are willing to bury the hatchet and the real kingpins of the massacre are walking free, and to me that is unjust and inhumane.
No Kenyan can pretend that the cases of the crimes currently undergoing at the ICC does not affect them. Kenyan`s have hordes of relatives and friends that  are affected, the government should take this case serious and no one should belittle such charges from the violence, if the evidence points at you that you are you are involved, face the trial without using the poor Kenyans as scapegoat as portrayed by the leaders, Kenyans have been brain washed & blackmailed into believing how holistic these leaders are, by relocating and giving provisions to the IDP`s to cover up their past heinous act shows how unjust they could be.
 I`d rather have them clear their names first before trying to “help” out. I think what Kenyans need is the truth; we yearn to know who caused the horror, and why?
A.U`s approach to differ the cases to Africa raises a lot eye brows. This idea may very well suit the president, a few calls and the deal is done,  just like how the witnesses were manipulated not to testify and I`m not pointing any fingers. First of all I don`t support the move undertaken by the Kenya leaders to remove Kenya from the Rome statute.  The hand that feeds you will always control you, in that; African countries rely on aid, this time from the communist east.
Toddlers learn to walk with the help of a Guardian, being a Rome statute of a country stained with impunity and atrocities; which often affects the common citizens, the ICC is a safeguard for justice and protection.
Just like toddlers Kenyans forget, hardly 5 years ago people were butchering each other... It breaks my heart to see how Kenyans protect two individuals when over 1000 people killed and millions displaced.
Are they superior to 40M Kenyans? Or by far than the Post election victims? It`s high time they paddled their own canoe instead of dragging millions of Kenyans into his predicament. Like Uhuru said so himself that this case is a personal matter. I really hope the president will be tried as Uhuru Kenyatta just like an ordinary citizen. And I’m not taking sides here, I’m only after justice and whichever the outcome the cases will take, it will be a relief to the post election victims. Because justice delayed is justice denied.

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