Justice At Bay

I cannot believe that incapacitated leaders are what Kenyans desire, unless they have become totally blind to their interests, I remember when justice was still respected when a member of a family was caught in the wrong, they had to be punished; How comes leaders today have no respect for justice?

It dents the hearts of Kenyan especially the victims of post-election violence 07/08 that rampaged the country where tons of people lost their lives and millions of people left as squatters and the real masterminds of the riots are out there Scott free; it’s surprising that it is the same people who butchered each other are the same one’s persuading Uhuru and Ruto not to accept the ICC verdicts, this way the people of Kenya fail to realize that their decision will have dire consequences on the country.
The ICC is a safeguard to the citizens as it serves justice and protection, deferring the cases to Africa as suggested by the AU leaves a lot to be desired.
The au leaders, Paul Kagame from Rwanda still has an impending case involving genocide in their country. Yoweri Museveni with torture cases by the regime of late Idi Amin in 1970’s, those cases aren’t resolved up to now, how is au going to handle the case facing the Kenyan leaders?
If the cases are not returned to local courts in Africa, everybody knows that they will never try the president and deputy president, for any crime whatsoever, how is that so? You might ask, first recently we have witnessed how our leaders have been manipulating people who want to be witnesses at the ICC trial, not to testify.
Secondly it’s sad how people have fallen slave of money and ethnicity. When we have IDP’s who were the victims of the post-election violence the leader use that as a tool to buy their trust by offering decent shelter. Yes they are helping out, but are they, really?
When supporters of Uhuru and Ruto embrace false Christianity of being misted through compensation compensation so as to get away with justice; to me if the leaders want to prove their innocence as much as they do to the poor Kenyans; they should do it at higher ground; where they don’t use Kenyans as scape goat, they should take responsibility of their actions, the blackmailing and brainwashing the people are subjected to could very much show how unjust they are enemies of rule of law, criminals.
If by any chance the au were justified in congregating in Addis Ababa in a bid to pursue for the cases facing Kenyan leaders to deferred, I wonder where au leaders during the post-election madness that took the country by a storm; only to emerge from nowhere to support a move which if it succeeds will tarnish our international substantial ramification; let alone the county’s economy, why we are forgetting that we are still getting aid from the west?
It’s high time people took responsibility of their actions, neither of the MP’s or the two records have told us what they have done to compensate or offer help to the victims as a way of pacifying the nation. Terminating Uhuru and Ruto’s cases will delay justice will not be served
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