She arrives at her  apartment looking cranky and wasted, its been an on off routine for coming to the house late, she helplessly throws herself on the sofa as she sinks on her deep thoughts .. it haunts her everyday, she regrets having fallen victim of another love story gone sour.

Her face scarlet with rage responds the thoughts flowing in her head, she grunts disgustedly on every scene of him flashing in her head. She tries controlling herself  but tears outweighs her, she shuts her eyes in a bid to stop them and slowly let her mind tumble head over heals , back into the deep warm darkness trying as much as possible to clear her thoughts or even his voice.she tries to speak out loud to God but her words are whispered with a weighted tone.
She picks up the remote control, trying to destruct herself from herself. She flicks the channels but nothing interests her the programs aired is all about love, she is intrigued how people are still this naive to believe in such crap. She turns it off. All she needs is a smooth soothing  music. She plays jazz on the stereo and slowly lets herself fall into the embracing arm rests of her couch.
Bob, early twenties,cheeks chiseled like a finely-carved statue, rays of sunlight highlight the dimples in his cheeks and chin, tall with short and mess hair  causing his features to stand out. With that he is irresistible, Elena on her first sight had a hard time controlling her elation, oddly enough she was in his charms and with that sinister look of Bob love had fallen somewhere towards the bottom.
His voice laced with witty asides was slowly stealing over her, with trivial gimmicks he makes sure she buys it. He goes on and on flirting with her and before long his voice becomes nothing but a dull warbling in her ears.. she is so into him.
Its been two years since they have been going out thus making it difficult for her to encrypt his ploy.
Elena received a phone call from one of her friends having spotted Bob with some other woman in a motel. without giving much thought she opens the cabinet .. With intense rage and an explosive anger she storms to the said place.
Bangs the door which he is supposedly to be in with his accomplice .. she lumbers over the room, she steals glances on both of them.
" what are you doing with that? " are the firs words coming from Bob.
without a word from her her little muscle strain an twitch. The gun waves in her hands, swaying back and forth. Tears and regret filling up her eyes making the two move from side to side in her field of vision and her eyes begin to shake, her doubt takes a firm hold and the nerves gives away. she murmurs in rage
"I hate you!"

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